Booking may require deposits

The cancellation period is either 30 or 60 days for bookings made more than three months in advance of the stay, other cancellation periods are determined at the time of the booking.

If cancellation becomes necessary within the cancellation period, there is a cancellation fee of $100.00/room plus it’s taxes for the stay per room (or unit) booked plus full charge for the portion of the stay that fails to rebook.

Canceling your stay or deleting some days of your stay during your stay, can result in a charge, if the room fails to rebook for the time period canceled or deleted.

If the canceled stay rebooks fully, there is a refund of the stay minus the cancellation fee plus it’s GST.

If the stay partially rebooks there is a refund for the part that rebooks, and a charge for the unbooked portion, the cancellation fee plus it’s GST is still charged.

If the canceled stay fails to rebook, there is a full charge for the length of the stay plus applicable taxes.

Refunds are refunded when the stay has rebooked or the stay has passed its end date.

There is a processing fee of $35.00 plus GST per room booked if cancellations are made outside of the cancellation policy time period.

If a group is booking two rooms or all three rooms in the high season, a different cancellation policy applies, please ask about this at the time of your booking. Deposits will be required.